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The Concept

In today’s challenging economic climate, jobs are in short supply. For those without a high level of achievement in the formal education system the competition in the jobs market is intense. As Ireland looks towards a recovery, the focus of policy is on establishing and growing industries that can create and sustain high value jobs. The Internet industry is one of these. The Digital Hub is the centre of the indigenous internet industry in Dublin. The local community therefore have the potential to gain significantly from the development of such a critical mass of the internet industry in the Liberties area of Dublin.

The Digital Hub has been working with the Liberties community for almost 10 years. Much has been achieved in local schools and communities. Now, working with the National College of Art and Design, we are providing a select number of high potential local young people with an opportunity to develop new digital media skills. By engaging in this journey, we are confident that these young people can go on to further education and high value jobs in the internet space.

The Project

Future Creators provides a range of programmes designed to develop 21st century skills through project-based learning activities using a range of digital media tools.  The philosophy of the programme is to provide 24 young people with an environment where they can make new applications and digital content. These are the Future Creators.

Using a project-based learning approach, our future creators work in teams to complete complex tasks in their chosen digital media field.  They have an opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and responsibility.  They develop their digital media skills and their understanding of being digital through hands-on activities and links with the industry.

Our Future Creators work on selected digital media projects for which they will receive academic credit.  They are selected to participate based on their passion and interest in using technology to create digital artefacts.

The Process

Future Creators participate in a series of modules where they will be introduced to a range of digital tools and platforms. These include:

  1. Gaming
  2. Phone Apps
  3. Digital Content Production TV/Video/Music
  4. Social Networking

This awareness phase provides our Future Creators with an opportunity to identify a preferred tool or environment that they will specialise in at the next stage.  These modules have been developed using the NCCA Transition unit guidelines.  The modules are delivered by NCAD staff and experts from some of the companies based in the Digital Hub.

Having identified their chosen digital tool the Future Creators will then complete a project. While engaged in these projects the Future Creators receive mentoring from a range of creative and technical experts from the academic and digital media worlds.  They participate in a virtual online community where they are supported in completing their tasks.

In June, our Future Creators participate in a celebration event where their work will be exhibited. They will receive an accreditation from NCAD.  Having completed this phase successful Future Creators will be linked with an industry partner where they engage in a ‘digital internship’.  This follow-on activity provides them with an opportunity to ‘work’ on an industry related project, either by being physically located onsite or virtually.  This phase will give them an experience of work in the sector and is intended to deepen their interest in their chosen field.

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