FC History and Background

The Future Creators Schools is part of The Future Creator School System founded in 2010 by Sir Syed Khawar Shah, which is remarkable in its academic standards and all round development of the child.

As we extend 9 years of academic excellence, The Future Creators Schools today is synonymous with ‘scholastic brilliance, ‘schoolchild success, ‘communal tycoon, ‘opportunity’ and ‘discovery’ for pupils, parents, mentors and community. Students who study here are passionate about their subjects, qualifications and are dedicated to expanding their cognition of the world around them.

The institution was established in April 2010 at North Karachi, by Sir Syed Khawar Shah, a devoted and staunched mentor filled with passion and evangelist spirit in the field of education. He took the challenge of introducing modernized Approach of Montessori System. In the developmental years he introduced the Internationally standardized Montessori System of education in 2019. The Future Creators is the colonizer institution in having introduced a remarkable Montessori and brought realization about this method of teaching in Locality of North Karachi.

The Future Creators today is afar education and schooling; it is changing the social education landscape through its award winning curriculum, beyond the classroom educating and learning standups, teacher training programs, qualifications, outcomes, achievements, thus supporting ‘social change’ and. The bedrock of our perspective at The Future Creators are the things we have always stood for commemorate, variety, innovation, exuberance & distinction.

  • 9 years (2010)
  • 20k total alumni
  • 5 campuses
  • Condo Classes
  • Separate Montessori system
  • Online Portal for parents/teachers/students